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Friday Favorites: June 28

Whew! Job Hunters, Geek and Sundry, launching a makeup line, trying to catch up on sleep…It’s been a roller coaster of a week! Here are some of my favorite new discoveries: Favorite App: Vine I’ve only made a couple videos, and they’re all obnoxious, but I’m loving playing around with […]

Geeky Fashion

Doctor Who Knee Socks

Show your love of the Doctor with these bright and cozy socks. I’m personally a fan of the TARDIS design myself–it would go perfectly with my TARDIS dress from BlackMilk! Here’s hoping they make a Silence design next. When people look away from you, they’ll think you’re wearing nothing at […]

Geeky Fashion

Geek Fashion: Finds from ECCC

If you’re looking to expand your geek wardrobe, look no further than ¬†your local con. In the past I’ve purchased t-shirts and aprons, but this year I focused on fun accessories. Lucky for you, you can pick up everything I got online! Take a look: Tardis Scarf I’ve been eyeing […]

Geeky Fashion

Superhero Knee-High Socks (with Capes!)

The weather’s getting cozy and I’ve begun to pull out all of my comfortable at-home-only socks. You know, the slipper socks, the fuzzy knee-high rainbow socks… But none of them could ever live up to these. I would wear these every day, running around pretending to be a superhero. While […]

Geeky Fashion

Portal 2 Long Fall Socks

Whether you’re looking to cosplay or just stay cozy, these Long Fall Socks should do the trick. They’re cute, they’re geeky, and they’re $9.99. How can you go wrong? (These socks won’t actually help you in any long fall scenario.) Available at Jinx.com. Source: TDW Geek.

Geeky Fashion

My New Lucky Socks

Diesel Sweeties has done it again… made an adorable product I have to have. This time it’s their D20 socks. Not only are they available for men, but they’re available in a knee sock style for women! I will be wearing them for every D&D game… I hope it helps […]