Superhero Knee-High Socks (with Capes!)

The weather’s getting cozy and I’ve begun to pull out all of my comfortable at-home-only socks. You know, the slipper socks, the fuzzy knee-high rainbow socks… But none of them could ever live up to these.

I would wear these every day, running around pretending to be a superhero. While at home, of course. Have pets? See if your cat can chase your cape when you’re faster than a speeding bullet!

My only concern: How do you wear these out? What outfit would make sense with this? (Let me know if you have any ideas!)

Caped socks, $15 at

(Source: TDW Geek.)


  1. OMG! Those are so freakin cute!!!!

  2. Want to wear them out? Become a runner and wear them in the middle of a race!

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