Friday Favorites: June 28

Friday Faves 6-28

Whew! Job Hunters, Geek and Sundry, launching a makeup line, trying to catch up on sleep…It’s been a roller coaster of a week! Here are some of my favorite new discoveries:

Favorite App: Vine
I’ve only made a couple videos, and they’re all obnoxious, but I’m loving playing around with Vine. More videos to come, I’m sure! (Any Vine users out there that have tried Instagram video? What are your thoughts?)

Favorite Video: Dungeons and Dragons and the Influence of Tabletop RPGs
Apparently some footage of a past D&D sesh made it into this mini documentary by PBS. The documentary’s good, but the footage of me in footie pajamas and a cape playing D&D is priceless.

Other Favorite Video: The Great Gatsby VFX
The Great Gatsby was a good movie, but the visual effects were ASTOUNDING (mostly because you had no clue they were visual effects). Take a look at before and after shots of some of the main scenes and locations. Chills.

Favorite Fashion Item: Iron Man Leggings
Why, yes. That is Robert Downey Junior’s face in your crotch. So bizarre.

Favorite Kickstarter: Atlas Performance Dress Socks
I wrote about Ministry of Supply a year ago when they launched their high-tech dress shirt. They’ve now launched a Kickstarter for a ¬†high-tech/high-performance dress sock, and they’ve already doubled their goal. The socks are built upon things like MIT technology, 3d printing-style knitting machines, and apparently use used coffee grounds to filter odor. You can get 2 pairs for $28. I’m just bummed they don’t come in lady-sizes!

What are your favorite discoveries from the past week?


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