Geeky and Gorgeous Convertible Dresses

Wonder Woman Dress

If you don’t own a convertible dress yet (and you’re the dress-wearing-type) you should get one immediately. They’re comfortable, versatile, travel well, and fit/flatter everyone. Little Petal NYC has now given you one more reason to own one: They’re available in colors and designs based on your favorite geeky character or franchise. They’re all SO cute. I can’t choose a favorite with choices like Wonder Woman, Batman, and TARDIS.

The dresses range in price from $150 to $200 and are custom made with your color choice. See them all at Little Petal NYC’s Etsy page.

Which is your fave? Do you own a convertible dress? What’s your favorite way to wear it?


  1. That stuff I said about growing out of certain clothing on the Geeky Leggings post… I would probably take it all back if one of these dresses was Disney Princess themed. Probably.

  2. I love, love, love convertible wrap dresses. I own four and it now appears I will be adding to my collection because these are amazing! She has Sailor Moon! Which means a custom order for Sailor Pluto is not far off. And I second the vote regarding Disney Princess themed dresses. My closet does not have room for all of these.

  3. I can see Princess dresses as being a very real thing, since she can do custom colors/whatever! Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella in particular would be super easy!

  4. My friend did the convertible dresses for her bridesmaids and they were so awesome. Each maid wore it a different way. I would have a hard time choosing which dress to buy from this Etsy shop though. Too many good choices.

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my dresses. All the comments are so lovely! I would LOVE to make Disney themed ones. The dresses are all totally custom to your measurements and are based on any character you ask for (not just the ones listed). I also give discounts to repeat customers in case you want more than one. Message me any time at <3

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