Geeky Leggings from We Love Fine


I’ve loved We Love Fine for a while (every single person I’ve met that works there is so incredibly sweet. AND their stuff is amazing!), but I’ve been loving them even more lately. In addition to cute new dresses, sweaters, and shirts, they’ve created some of the coolest leggings I’ve seen in a while. Their Kawaii Marvel and Star Wars leggings are too cute for words, and are only $26.50 each. The Dalek leggings (with a giant EXTERMINATE down one leg) are bad-ass.

I  haven’t purchased fun leggings like these before because I’m afraid they won’t be long enough (I have fairly long legs) and I don’t know what to wear with them. Luckily, We Love Fine is holding a Google Hangout tomorrow to talk leggings with a bunch of amazing geeky women. I’ll be tuning in at 2pm Pacific to get some questions answered and convince myself I need a pair of these leggings. If I’m lucky, I may even win one of the pairs they’ll be giving out! Find out more about the hangout here, and let me know if you’ll be joining!

You can find all of We Love Fine’s leggings here. Do you have geeky leggings? How do you wear/style them?


  1. Wear them under skirts, dresses, or big sweaters!
    If they’re not long enough, wear knee socks with them to hide where they end!
    Or rock the mid calf look because it’s actually moderately in style as well!

    I love these leggings and I wear mine all the time. 😀

  2. Whenever I think about buying stuff like this I wonder what Stacey and Clinton would say about our generation that proudly sports geeky t-shirts and leggings to work well into their 30s…

    I like these leggings in theory, but I think I’m finally at that point where I’m questioning what sort of cartoon/pop culture themed clothing I can get away with wearing as an “adult.” From a once large collection of Disney clothes I now only wear one Mickey sweater, and that’s with a collared shirt underneath (but I will Disneybound until the end of time). I’m proud of my geekyness but don’t often want that to be the first thing people notice when they see me.

    On the other hand, screw the world and give my my princess dress.

    (For some reason this post made me think about some oddly deep things involving identity and professionalism.)

  3. I’d say if you work geeky aspects into your look and make it part of your identity/brand, you’re fine! I wear geeky t-shirts with a basic pencil skirt or a blazer, jeans, and boots. Then I break out all of the major geeky dresses and bolder items for conventions. I think leggings would be mostly convention-wear, unless I’m doing a particularly geeky activity.

  4. I love the LSP ones, it’s just perfect. I don’t usually wear things as “loud” as printed leggings but discovering all of these cool geeky ones are making me change my mind. The Harry Potter collection by Blackmilk is amazing as well.

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