Geeky Car Emblems

I often forget about decorating my car. It’s there to transport me from one place to another, and that’s about it. There’s no sign of geekiness to it, and even my cupcake air freshener is hidden away, not hanging prominently. That’s why I think my car needs one of these car emblems, asap.

These emblems cover all sorts of geekery, as evidenced above, and are subtle enough that a non-geek (that also knows nothing about cars) may actually mistake it for the real thing. Now the big question: Is my car more of a “Firefly,” “Galactica,” or “TARDIS?”

Custom Car Emblems, $12-15 each at Empira’s Etsy shop.


  1. Nice find! *shuffles off to look at awesomeness*

  2. You are my personal hero for finding these

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