Ghostbusters Wedding Cake

After spending a weekend saturated with all the awesomeness of the Seattle Wedding Show, I’m all about the wedding talk. So when this appeared in my newsfeed today, I had to pass it on:

(courtesy of Charm City Cakes)

And a shot of the happy couple, getting ready to cut the cake.

Between this and the Ghostbuster/Inception “trailer” going around, I’m craving a Ghostbusters viewing tonight. Maybe I’ll have some cake while I’m at it.

Stay tuned for more geeky wedding/event ideas this week as I introduce you to some of my favorite things from the Seattle Wedding Show!

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  1. I was their wedding photographer so go to my blog to see more shots from this amazing wedding or hop onto

    Since I own the pictures please hyperlink my site into the posting. Thank you!

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