Giveaway: HTC One X+

Yes, that HTC One X+. As in, a brand new phone. Haven’t heard of it? Take a peek at some of its features:

HTC was generous enough to provide me with a phone to play around with, and holy cow. It’s so thin. And fast. And takes awesome photos. And HD video. And is great for browsing the web and playing games and listening to music and the battery life is CRAZY. With wifi on, just connect it with a working Wireless router with a good internet connection. You want this phone. And luckily, they’re also giving one to you!


A few details:
  • It’s an Android phone, which I love. I’ve been an Android girl for a while. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge over from an iPhone, I say do it. What’s the harm in trying a free phone you win?
  • The phone is for AT&T and doesn’t come with a service plan. So it’s going to be best if you’re already on AT&T or are about to switch providers.
  • The contest is open to US residents only. I know, I know. I don’t make the rules.
Now let’s get to the contest! Enter below using Rafflecopter. And good luck!

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  1. I think that camera on that phone looks great! Facial recognition, build in HDR shooting, continuous shooting. Awesome!

  2. OOOOO! Scratch resistant screen! My phone and my keys never play nice at work. Maybe this one would prevent that.

  3. Very cool Tara.

  4. Very cool. 🙂

  5. If the battery life is true, I’m in.

  6. An Android with that much battery life sounds.. too good to be true!

  7. Scratch resistant screen? Super long battery life? Yeah, that sounds good. 🙂

  8. Now I haven’t been using the HTC for a lot of stuff like calling and texting, and the battery life is less for someone that uses it constantly. But my current phone wouldn’t last more than a day even if I just let it sit there and did nothing with it!

  9. That display looks amazing! HTC makes great screens.

  10. Wow, what a giveaway. Would be amazing to replace my phone that is older than my son.

  11. Well, I have a little phone that barely does anything, so my mind is blown even thinking about what I could do with this one. But I have a little niece I’m about to meet for the first time in a couple of weeks, so I think I’m going to say that camera (and the photo storage, and all the other things that go along with it . . .) . Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Found you through the Seattle Bloggers group 🙂 Great giveaway, more battery life sounds good to me!

  13. I’m excited for the slim profile and the great camera!

  14. the camera rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I like that it has long battery life

  16. I like the screen display. and that its an android.

  17. Better battery ftw.

    Possible phone upgrade! Woo!

  18. I love the scratch resistant screen is awesome…..

  19. This would be a perfect gift for my daughter. She’s been begging for a smartphone for way too long. I’m sure she’d love this one.

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  21. The battery life.

  22. The camera is super awesome!

  23. camera on that phone looks great

  24. the hd video camera

  25. Definitely the camera and the screen! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. It is supposed to have good battery life

  27. the camera !!

  28. The fast web browsing

  29. Definitely the camera! and I’ve never owned a phone that could record video. Probably because I’m still in on a hand-me-down phone. No one ever gives up the good phones. x_o

  30. I am definitely excited about the Beats.

  31. i am most excited about the camera and the beats audio.

  32. I love the long battery life – I hate having to charge my phone multiple times a day!

  33. I would love to have a phone with a better camera- my phone camera stinks, and I don’t have a digital camera. I also need more space on my phone, I can hardly store more than 5 apps running at the same time, no fair!

  34. love a phone with a great camera. sharing pictures is awesome. a picture is worth a thousand words..:D

  35. I’m looking to get a new phone this summer, but this would be a much more awesome way to update!

  36. Also, I really love the camera specs. Much better than my current one. I use my phone to take pictures all the time.

  37. I am most excited about being able to take a photo while taking a video

  38. Cool giveaway, thanks!

  39. I am excited that it is an Android phone.

  40. 37 percent more battery?! I gave away my last droid because it wouldn’t hold a charge through my work day! I email, text, blog and google ALL. DAY. LONG. so longer battery life is awesome!

  41. I love the Scratch resistant screen

  42. The long battery life

  43. I am really loving the camera on this phone! I take so many pictures on my cell phone, but the camera isn’t very good!

  44. long battery life and beautiful screen

  45. I love the thinness. I like putting my phones in my pocket!

  46. Twice memory

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