Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Geeky Host/Hostess

The holidays are the time for parties and traveling. Whether you’re stopping by for a cookie exchange, spending the weekend with friends or family, or just need a gift for a geeky cook or entertainer in your life, these gifts will guarantee you get more invites in the new year.

GH Store Apron
Geeky Hostess Apron
Ok, this one’s kind of a no-brainer. You’re on The Geeky Hostess looking for gifts for a Geeky Hostess. Get her the Geeky Hostess apron! Problem solved. $16 at The Geeky Hostess Store.

Your vision through our eyes!
Santa Apron
Looking for something a bit more festive? This Santa apron is super cute and will get you (or the host/hostess you give it to) in the mood to make ALL the Christmas cookies. $14.99 at

Why bring a bottle of wine when you can bring something that will be used every time they open one? I have a corkcicle and love it–if I ever want to open a bottle of white wine, I can just put a corkcicle in it. It keeps the bottle cold once it’s open and sitting out for guests. My favorite design is the Corkcicle One, which allows you to pour the wine while the corkcicle is still in the bottle. They’ve come up with a variety of colors since last year, and even have one for your beer. $20-$50 at

Power Mitt
If your host is into gaming, get him/her the Power Mitt–an oven mitt inspired by the Nintendo Power Glove. It’s hilarious AND practical. And that’s a tough combo to beat. $15 at

downton abbey wine
Downton Abbey Wine
The host will feel extra fancy with a bottle of Downton Abbey wine. They can have their servants put it out when guests are due to arrive, or they can just keep it for their next Netflix marathon. $16.99 at

Basil Garden
I’ve written about them a couple times, and that’s because I love them. What host wouldn’t want olive oil or tea from a specific tree or garden they’ve adopted? It makes a great story for their next dinner party! I particularly love their kitchen plant kits. They have ones for chili, basil, and olive trees! $22 at

D20 Stones
Does your host like whisk(e)y and RPGs? These D20-shaped stones will keep their drinks epically cool during their next game night. Set of 2 for $29.99 at

d20 ice
D20 Ice Mold
Not a fan of stones in your drink? This mold will allow you to make ice (or whatever else you want to put in it) into the shape of a D20. Great for a crafty host/hostess or anyone who likes to entertain often! $11.99 at

Cupcake Carrier
This cupcake carrier is one of my absolute favorite things. If your host is a cupcake baker, this is the handiest, most wonderful carrier. Plus, they can use it to bring cupcakes to your place next time you host them! $29.95 at Amazon.

What gifts will you be getting for the hosts/hostesses in your life?

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