Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girly Geek

If your friends/family members like makeup as much as comics and enjoys the occasional rom-com in between their action movies, these gifts and brands are for them. These gifts are also fantastic for the sister, Mom, or friend that claims they’re “not geeky.” Bring them over to the dark side gently with these fun products!

Espionage Cosmetics
Wonderful makeup with geeky names? Yes please. All of their colors are available at, or you can get the tried and true Geeky Hostess Collection. I picked my fave, most versatile colors and put them together for an epic kit. $26 at the Geeky Hostess Store.

Black Milk
Tiny dresses, amazing leggings, and fun clothing featuring licensed designs. Past geek realms have included Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Star Wars, LOTR, and Mass Effect. You can’t go to a convention or geeky party without seeing at least one girl in Black Milk. Don’t be left out!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.50.49 PM
Mighty Fine
For more licensed apparel, you’ve gotta check out Mighty Fine. I’m in love with their sweater collection they’ve released this season, including this fantastic Vader sweater. $35 at

GH Store- Princess Tank
Geeky Hostess Princess Tank (and Geeky Hostess collection)
Show off your love for the Disney Princesses you grew up with in this fun, layerable tank top. $14 exclusively at the Geeky Hostess Store.

Sephora Disney Collection
My friends and I are in love with the Sephora Disney Collections. We get so excited when they announce a new princess and can’t wait to see what they come up with for colors. I have the larger Cinderella eye palette that’s no longer available, and it’s amazing. The quality of the makeup is great and the Disney tie-in is a fantastic gimmick that gets me buying. I’m still waiting for them to put out a Belle collection! All items are limited edition, so get ’em quick! $19-58 at Sephora.

Spiffing Jewelry
I’m gonna pull the “hipster” card on Spiffing Jewelry and claim that I liked them before they were cool. I saw them at some tiny craft show in San Diego years ago, and have loved seeing their business grow over the years. They create cute, hand stamped items with geeky and personalized sayings. I used to have bracelets from them that said “Cupcakes and Charisma” and “Geeky Hostess” but ended up wearing them daily and lost/broke them both. Maybe Santa will replace them for Christmas! (Or get me a floating locket…or some of the stacking rings…) Check out all of their goodies at

Geeky European-style Charm Bracelet
ThinkGeek has caught onto the trend of the European-style charm bracelet. You’ll see these charm shops in malls and airports, encouraging you to make a bracelet as unique as the woman it’s for. Now you actually can with awesome geeky charms! $12.99-39.99 at

BSG Shirt
Her Universe Apparel
I’ve been collecting my fair share of Her Universe apparel since they started their shop, and I love everything. They have fandoms I adore like Doctor Who and BSG, and cuts that are way cuter than the boxy “unisex” tees that used to be the only things available at cons. Lately I’ve been obsessed with their BSG Seal Sweatshirt. I got one for my birthday, and it’s SO ridiculously comfy and cute. It has a wide scoop neck, is super long, and looks fantastic with leggings or skinny jeans. In fact, I loved it so much, I got another one in a size Large to giveaway! Just enter the Rafflecopter below to win! I’ll pick a winner in a week so we can hopefully get it to you before Christmas!

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What are you getting the girly-geeks on your holiday list?


  1. This list is so cute! I’m going to send it to my guy with a big *hint hint*

  2. Super cute! I’m hoping a large would fit me. 🙂

  3. My holiday wishlist is stuff for our upcoming newborn baby!

  4. BustedTees is having an awesome sale so I just stocked up on t-shirts and hoodies for all the geeky ladies on my list.

  5. Clothes and anything Doctor Who!

  6. A Hobbit-style ocarina is on my wishlist this year!

  7. I want the Doctor Who blu ray collection! Allon-z!

  8. Craft supplies, all the craft supplies are on my wish list

  9. Love ALL these ideas and bought that BSG sweatshirt on Black Friday! Ashley offered limited edition Santa Darth Vadar pins – 1,000 all signed and with numbers! I got 17 😀

  10. My holiday wishlist is all videogames, action figures, collectibles, and geeky clothes. It’s all about getting things you usually won’t buy yourself, due to needing to buy things like food. And work clothes. Bah.

  11. They aren’t making any more princess sets from Sephora! There were only three. But I am so glad I got in on the ones I did. 🙂

  12. Boo! Think they’ll change their mind if I hold a princess-themed protest?

  13. Espionage Cosmetics, definitely need to check them out. I’ve tried stuff from Shiro and Geek Chic but never there before- their new nail wraps look amazing. Also so glad to see Her Universe here! Love the brand, their message, and Ashley Eckstein was incredibly sweet when I met her.

  14. Sweet lineup! I’d never heard of Spiffing Jewelry before, but now I am definitely eyeing up some of their items.

  15. Great… now I want one of everything shown! So cool!

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