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Doctor Who Christmas Special: Dress Like Clara

Clara was sporting a cute look in this year’s Christmas Special, and the look is easy to replicate for any day. Whether you want to cosplay as her or are inspired by her “appropriate for the family AND fake-boyfriend” look, you’ll succeed in this outfit. No holograms needed. Go school-girl […]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: December 20

The year is almost over, and most of my time has been spent trying to wrap up things from 2013 before taking some time off to spend with family. But my mind keeps wandering to 2014 and what’s in store… I’ve got big plans and can’t wait to sit down […]

Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girly Geek

If your friends/family members like makeup as much as comics and enjoys the occasional rom-com in between their action movies, these gifts and brands are for them. These gifts are also fantastic for the sister, Mom, or friend that claims they’re “not geeky.” Bring them over to the dark side […]

Geeky Fashion


It’s Christmas Day, which means it’s also time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special! I’ll be cozying up with my brand new TARDIS pillow to watch the show, but if you have grander plans, you may want to try this TARDIS makeup: Merry Christmas, everyone! May all your wishes come […]

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Christmas Tree Googly Eyes

Santa’s not the only one that can see you when you’re sleeping when you have these googly eyes on your tree… The eyes go on your tree just like any other ornament, and add the perfect dash of whimsy and creepiness. Christmas Tree Googly Eyes, $7.95 at Amazon.com. (Source: Geek […]


Geek Tree

It’s almost December already. Christmas is 26 days away. If, like me, your tree isn’t decorated (or even set up) yet, you need to get yourself over to Geek Tree asap. You’ll find ornaments, stockings, and other goodies that will make the perfect addition to your tree or a great […]

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Black Friday Tips ala Zombieland

Today’s Thanksgiving. Or Black Friday Eve, as I know it. And Black Friday is serious business. Wanna get in and out alive and with the prize? Then think of your competition as zombies. These rules from one of my favorite films, Zombieland, will keep you shopping: 1. Cardio Have you […]