Job Hunters Card Game

JH Card Game


I’m so psyched to announce that my web series Job Hunters has teamed up with Wyrd Miniatures to make Job Hunters Showdown–a card game that you can currently only get by donating to our Kickstarter.

The game allows you to battle a character of your choice with another character, and will be available in a variety of themes and brands once it’s released fully later this summer. When you’re not in the mood to play the game as it’s written, you can also use the cards as a standard card deck, so you can still play Poker, Solitaire, Go Fish… whatever floats your boat.

You can get the cards by donating to the $39 “Showdown” incentive level or as an add-on to your current incentive by increasing your pledge by $30. Check it out at!

(Only a couple more days to donate if you haven’t already! We’ll be doing a live show on Saturday counting down the final few hours–more info to come. And then I promise I’ll stop bugging you!)

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