ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Products

Every year, ThinkGeek creates a list of some new “April Fool’s Day” products on what Mr. Geek and I lovingly refer to as “the pre-order page.”  You see, they have a tradition of picking one or two products after April 1st and turning them into actual products. You can pick the ones that you like best and get notified by email if/when they become real by clicking “Buy Now” and then scrolling down the page a bit. You can see all of the new products on the homepage, but my top three are below:



This Death Star Trench Toss is just a gussied up cornhole set, but it looks ridiculously cool. Perfect for barbecues and tailgating those new Star Wars movies! The price is a little steep though. At $124.99, it better be huge.

This can very easily be made into a real product, and I’m positive they’ll announce it soon.


Bane Mask Walkie Talkies? Why not? You won’t be able to understand each other, but they’ll still provide hours of fun. Not too sure if this would be practical as a real product, but the image of the little boy using the walkies on the product page is good enough for me.



3D printers are all the rage, so it would make sense that Play-Doh would get in on it. I just don’t think technology’s quite advanced enough yet, as much as I’d like. Since this product would need to be created by Play-Doh, not by ThinkGeek, I doubt this one will see the light of day. But it never hurts to wish!

What were some of your fave April Fool’s announcements/pranks today?


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  1. It’s killin’ me that the BMO toy isn’t real.

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