July 2015 Cookbook Club Wrap-Up



Well, this book is ridiculously fun. Sprinkles! is bright, colorful, and it feels like you’re at a party just going through it! But my fave party? The recipes varied from ridiculously easy (like the dipped waffle cones) to more complicated/time consuming (like the banana split trifle cake). They even teach you how to make your own sprinkles at home! (Although I prefer the Geeky Hostess sprinkles, myself!)



The recipes go beyond basic instructions and serve as inspiration. I tweaked the recipes based on my preferences, and had fun trying different types of sprinkles with them. I was even inspired to photograph my recipes like hers. If you have a copy of the book, you may see some similarity with how she stacks her dipped waffle cones and how my Instagram turned out!


I’d highly recommend this book for anyone who wants some fun excuses to use all of their sprinkles. At $13.12 on Amazon, it makes a great gift with a bottle or two of Geeky Hostess sprinkles as well! 😉 For more info on the recipes I tried, check out my Instagram (@GeekyHostess) and search for #GHCookBookClub.

Have you read Sprinkles!?

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