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July 2015 Cookbook Club Wrap-Up

  Well, this book is ridiculously fun. Sprinkles! is bright, colorful, and it feels like you’re at a party just going through it! But my fave party? The recipes varied from ridiculously easy (like the dipped waffle cones) to more complicated/time consuming (like the banana split trifle cake). They even […]

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Cookbook Club July 2015: Sprinkles!

Welcome to the Geeky Hostess Cookbook Club! Each month I’ll pick a cookbook and try various recipes from it. I’ll post pictures of the outcomes on Instagram and share my thoughts on social media. Based on permissions from the author/publisher, some months may include giveaways, free recipes, and interviews. You […]

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May 2015 Cookbook Club Wrap-Up

“An Unexpected Cookbook” was an expected hit. I made three recipes, and in the process learned a lot about the different types of ways you can make bread. I didn’t have a lot of experience with this, so it was a fantastic learning opportunity! I had some difficulties when my […]