May 2015 Cookbook Club Wrap-Up


“An Unexpected Cookbook” was an expected hit. I made three recipes, and in the process learned a lot about the different types of ways you can make bread. I didn’t have a lot of experience with this, so it was a fantastic learning opportunity!

I had some difficulties when my braided bread dough didn’t rise at first, but the internet came to my rescue. Apparently if your bread doesn’t rise, you can microwave a cup of water and then put the bowl of dough in the microwave with the hot water and close the door. Leave it be, and it will rise! Science.


Chris-Rachael’s recipes are so well-written and entertaining, that I couldn’t even let myself get frustrated with mess-up moments like the dough. The recipes make you feel like you have a friend in the kitchen teaching you how to cook and sharing funny banter along the way.

Although the items I made aren’t the most photogenic in the world, they were all simply delicious. I also learned that beef stew simmering makes the whole house warm and inviting and lovely smelling amazing. I’m definitely going to be remaking that one in the fall and winter!IMG_1133

Want to know more about the recipes I tried this month? Check Instagram for the hashtag #GHCookbookClub. You can also visit for the Mushroom, Beef, and Onion Hand Pies recipe, or just pick up a copy of An Unexpected Cookbook yourself! If you like Lord of the Rings, delicious breads, and excuses to have multiple breakfasts, you need it in your life.

Stay tuned for this month’s #GHCookbookClub book!

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