Work Out Like a Superhero

Tara Theoharis - Workout-6

(Topaz Peak Mesh Paired Up Swim Tank and Santa Rosa Flex Splice Tights)

I used to think I didn’t like exercise. It felt like punishment, and I didn’t believe anyone who truly enjoyed it. But now I get it. There is something out there for everyone. I personally love taking Barre 3–it’s a mix of pilates and yoga that leaves me feeling renewed, reconnected, standing taller, and that good-kind-of-sore you get from a full body workout.

I had to learn that working out wasn’t just about working off calories or looking better. It’s about making time for yourself, making yourself stronger and more capable, and finding a way to relax and focus on something other than work. And as much as I love going to barre classes (and the occasional Zumba or dance class when I want to just have fun with friends), sometimes you need a bit more motivation. That’s where your superhero outfit comes in.

Tara Theoharis - Workout-12

(Coral Bay 2 in 1 Tankini and All Elements Running Tights)

Every hero has an outfit they wear when they’re called to duty. This outfit makes them feel invincible. It helps them move. It protects them. And darn it, sometimes it just makes them look bad-ass. I think  your workout attire should do the same thing for you. You’re your own hero, so look like it! Don’t be afraid to break out the bright colors and the high tech fabrics. If it scares you off, think of your superhero persona. You’re Clark Kent by day; what are you when you hit the gym?

Tara Theoharis - Workout-9

TYR acted as my Edna Mode recently and hooked me up with some great new ensembles. I love the bright colors, fun details, and the fact that the fabric does triple duty. All of these pieces have built in UPF 50+ capabilities to protect me from the sun, and the tops and printed leggings can be worn in and out of the water. Plus, the outfits are comfortable. In fact, after this shoot, I stayed in the tankini and running tights for the rest of the day!

Tara Theoharis - Workout-14

It took me too long to realize the benefits of a good workout and even longer to understand how a great workout ensemble can help. Learn from me. Don’t wait until you’ve worked out and toned up to get a fun outfit. Get yourself something now. It’ll  help you be the hero you know you can be.

Tara Theoharis - Workout-2

What’s your fave workout? And do you have any fave pieces you wear when you’re exercising?

Check out more fun items at, and a special thank you to Mallory Shoemaker for snapping the pics!

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