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Geeky Workouts For Every Fandom

When you want to work out just like your favorite character, Neila Rey has your back. They’ve created hundreds of visual workouts based on kick-ass characters from movies, tv shows, and video games. You can punch like Starbuck, get abs like Batman, or even button-mash fight like someone from Street Fighter. The […]

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Get Fit with ClassPass

In my endless pursuit to be more like Wonder Woman, I’m always looking for fun ways to get more fit. For me, classes are the way to go. I LOVE Barre3, and have had a lot of fun in Zumba, spin, pole, and other barre classes. But these classes are […]

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Geek Fit: Cos-Fit

Looking for a workout to match your favorite cosplay? Want daily geeky fitness reminders, tips, recipes, and encouragement? Then you’ve gotta follow Cos-Fit. Monday through Friday at 5pm they share a new themed workout featuring an awesome cosplay photo. You’ll feel motivated and encouraged to hit your cosplay fitness goal, […]

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Healthy Gaming Snacks: Pistachios

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Pistachio Health Institute. I’ve been trying to find nice, healthy alternatives to my friends’ typical gaming snacks over the past year or so. Cupcakes and chips are great, but if we’re going to be mindlessly munching on something, […]

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Geek Fit: Exercise the Scientific Way

A scientific study was published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal outlining why interval training is good for you. In short, they’ve devised a 7 minute circuit that will provide you with the aerobic and resistance training usually provided in a much longer workout. Kratom […]

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Get GeekFit!

I was Googling “GeekFit” the other day (you know, as you do), and came across a gym called “GeekFit” based in Redmond, conveniently near the Microsoft campus. Naturally, I had to try it. GeekFit, as they put it, is: a personal training studio that specializes in efficient exercise, which is […]

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Geek Fit: The Best Lunch for Computer Users

“The Modern Day Lunch,” my version of the famous “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photo.  For Labor Day, I had a bit of fun redoing a photo of workers from the 1930s. My version shows a bit more of the modern day experience. Our lunches are “healthier” according to our standards, […]