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Cuphead Inspired Cake

It’s September 29th, and that means it’s CUPHEAD DAY! Cuphead is a highly anticipated game that is HAND. DRAWN. in the style of 1930’s cartoons. It’s weird, it’s a little creepy, and it’s supposed to be super hard. I can’t wait to try it out. (Check out the trailer below!) […]

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Sparkling Strawberries

Every year, I look forward to spring and summer for one specific reason: the fruit. Fruit is so cheap, delicious, and plentiful then, and I just can’t get enough! Right now I’m loving all of the giant, plump strawberries available everywhere. And while I often eat them by themselves (or […]


Announcing: Geeky Hostess Teas!

One of my favorite things to do on these cold, blustery, winter days is cozy up with a cup of tea. I start my mornings with one and often end my days with one as well. So I’m thrilled to announce the newest line of Geeky Hostess products: loose leaf tea! […]


Introducing the New Sprinkle Page!

Today is the start of a new video series: “Do Sprinkles Make It Better?” I put #geekysprinkles on various foods and eat it for your enjoyment! What do you want to see me try sprinkles on next? (Check back every Wednesday for new videos!) A video posted by Tara (@geekyhostess) […]

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July 2015 Cookbook Club Wrap-Up

  Well, this book is ridiculously fun. Sprinkles! is bright, colorful, and it feels like you’re at a party just going through it! But my fave party? The recipes varied from ridiculously easy (like the dipped waffle cones) to more complicated/time consuming (like the banana split trifle cake). They even […]

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Cookbook Club July 2015: Sprinkles!

Welcome to the Geeky Hostess Cookbook Club! Each month I’ll pick a cookbook and try various recipes from it. I’ll post pictures of the outcomes on Instagram and share my thoughts on social media. Based on permissions from the author/publisher, some months may include giveaways, free recipes, and interviews. You […]

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My Kickstarter: Geeky Sprinkles!

I’m here today with exciting, scary, nervous-making news: I’ve launched a Kickstarter! The Kickstarter is for a Geeky Sprinkle line. I’m starting with steampunk shapes, lightning bolt shapes, and blue police box shapes. So all you steampunk, comic, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who fans, rejoice: You will finally have pretty […]