Justice League is at Target!

Justice League at Target

If you need more Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in your life, then get yourself to a Target. Their summer collection features some great pieces starring your favorite DC characters! Some of my faves include:

Wonder Woman Apron. You can’t go wrong here. $9.99.

Justice League Serving Tray. Perfect for surprising your Wonder Woman or Superman with breakfast in bed. $11.99.

“Flash” Cup. This cup looks cool and the fact it’s acrylic means it’s super easy to take with you for picnics and parties! $2.99.

Batman Beach Towel. Your pool adventures just got more epic. $10.99.

You can find the whole collection at Target.com. Make sure you check out their ideas for incorporating the Justice League in your summer activities, like their fantastic comic book picnic spread!


  1. Well, this might give me an excuse to go check out Target finally. They’ve been open up here in Canada for a Month or so….hopefully this collection will be available up here too.

  2. Any excuse is a good excuse! I love Target. But be careful, it’s really easy to impulse buy when you’re there!

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