Keep The Party Going Digitally!

These are strange times we’re in. While almost all of us are sheltering-in-place and keeping physical distance for others to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, many events have had to be canceled. And while the introvert side of me is loving the chance to catch up on my tv watch list and TBR pile, the party-planning side of me is ready for something a bit more creative. If you had to cancel one of your upcoming events, take a look at some of these alternative options below to keep the party going.

Almost all of these include meeting with others through a video call. You can do this on the platform of your choice (Skype, Google Hangouts, FB Messenger, What’s App, etc.) but Zoom has been getting a lot of attention lately. If you do use Zoom, make sure you’re not posting your call number publicly unless you want uninvited guests to join. And while you’re at it, make sure you download some of these fun fandom-based Zoom backgrounds for your call. Just click on “virtual background” and upload the image.

Baby Shower

You can still have a baby shower complete with decorations, invitations, photo albums, and cheesy baby games with Web Baby Shower. It’s a paid service, but adds something a bit more special to the idea of a digital party, and includes guest books, registry, site, and private chat options that can continue up to a year later, so guests can see all of your updates once the baby arrives!

Birthday Party

Purchase some cupcake decorating kits for yourself and your closest friends, and decorate them over a video call. Have everyone sing awkwardly while you blow out the candle on your own cupcake! If you’re local to Trophy Cupcakes (Seattle area) or Sprinkles Cupcakes (assorted locations), they will deliver some delicious and adorable kits.

Book Club

Suggest a cheery, uplifting book title to a group of your friends and schedule a call for a week or two where you can discuss it. Bonus points if you pick a book that’s available through ebook/audio book or something you know you all have and can re-read. Try to avoid anything too dark or dense at this time.

Date Night

Not quarantined with your cutie? Trolling Tinder for some digital dates? Order delivery from the same restaurant for the same time, and schedule a call while you eat. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, and enjoy a romantic dinner for two!

D&D Session

You know how you’ve always talked about putting together a weekly D&D session, but you could never get your friends’ schedules to line up? Your time has come! Wizards of the Coast has put together a great list of online resources and free material to get you started.

Escape Room

Being stuck in a small room with a group of people that are all frantically touching everything is probably not the best idea right now. But some escape room companies are coming up with digital versions to tide you over! Check out Palace Games’ “Palace of Destiny.”

Game Night

Get your friends or family together to play some remote party games! I’m a fan of You Don’t Know Jack and Codenames. Want something a little crunchier? Tabletop Simulator lets you play some of your favorite tabletop games through Steam.

Movie Night

Netflix Party allows you to watch your fave Netflix shows while chatting with your friends. It’s a great way to watch a movie or binge an entire series together!

Wine Tasting

Have everyone order the same bottle(s) of wine or put in a large order that can be dropped off at friends’ houses. Pick a time to hop on a call and taste the wine together! (Bonus points if you put together a nice little cheese plate to pair with it.) I’m doing this with the Brooklyn 99-inspired “Wine Wine“!


What are you doing to stay sane during your shelter-in-place? Any great digital events you’re planning on attending?


  1. Great ideas! I host a weekly talent show on Zoom and that’s been a lot of fun as well. Super easy to coordinate/organize and a lot of fun for performers and spectators.

  2. My friends and I have put together a few Zoom Happy Hour calls. Nothing too crazy like a game night or movie night yet. Right now we’re just trying to keep in touch!

  3. Terin–a talent show! How fun!

    B–Zoom Happy Hours are a great idea!

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