Live in Disney World!

As a child, you never want to leave the Disney theme parks. Rides, Disney characters, food in the shape of mouse ears–what’s not to love?

Well, if you still feel that way, you now have the opportunity to live there.

Walt Disney World is unveiling Golden Oak, a luxury housing community in between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. These homes, ranging from 1/4 acre to 3/4 acres, and ranging in price from $1.5 to $8 million, are indeed meant to be lived in. In fact, they are protected from investors renting them out as vacation homes: a clause in the contract indicates that renters must stay for 6 months or longer.

Owners of these homes will receive special in-park benefits and VIP transportation, as well as the privilege of telling people they LIVE IN DISNEY WORLD.

Would you consider buying one of these homes?

(Source: Boing Boing)

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  1. Yes. Yes I would.

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