“Man Table”: Amazing Side Table for Lazy Geeks

In an intense gaming session or movie marathon, and not in the mood to get up from the couch for another beer or Mountain Dew? With the Man Table, you don’t need to. This unassuming side table holds a hidden fridge, ensuring your next beverage and snack is never too far away.

My only complaint: the name. Unless it can chill a man for me, it shouldn’t be called a man table. Ladies like cold beverages too!

Man Tables are available in colors Tobacco, Espresso, and Black and range in price from $329-359. You can purchase them at their site, www.mantables.com.

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  1. So excited for this idea! I can utilize this in “non-lazy” ways! Keep specific chemicals cool in my office in a cool way…secretive…like a spy.

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