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We all have a favorite food from our childhood that just isn’t around anymore. Sometimes it’s for the best–that cereal or instant mac and cheese just may not taste good to our palates anymore, and we should remember it fondly through the eyes of nostalgia. But every once in a while, you find out something you loved is still around, just hard to find.

Here are a few nostalgic items that are alive and well–they’re either sold in other countries or are just hidden in small drugstores. Lucky for us, we can get them all at!

Post Alpha-Bits Cereal

I loved Alpha-Bits growing up, and was convinced they were discontinued. I’m thrilled to have found them online–I just need to find a few more friends to go in on the purchase with me, since it’s only available in packs of four boxes.

Rice Krispies Treats Rice Cereal

Speaking of sugary cereals available in packs of four…

Dunkaroos Cinnamon Graham with Vanilla Frosting & Sprinkles

Mr. Geek tracked these down as a Christmas gift for me a couple years ago, and they’re just as good (if not better) than you remember. Also available in honey graham and chocolate.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Dinosaur Eggs

…Because who wouldn’t want weird gummy dinosaurs in their oatmeal?

Crispy M&M’s

Apparently Crispy M&Ms still exist in Germany. Man, those things were addictive.

Space Food Sticks

I haven’t tried these before, but apparently they’re pretty nostalgic for some folks. This case comes with half peanut butter, half chocolate flavors.

Linda’s Lollies

Did you used to have those fundraisers in your elementary schools with the giant lollipops that came in every flavor imaginable? Here you go. You know your 10-year-old self would want you to have these. (I’ve also seen these lollipops at random seaside gift shops and drugstores.)

What food do you miss from your childhood?


  1. Waffle Crisp! :/

  2. Omg. Dunkaroo’s! That almost makes we want to get right the kitchen and try to recreate it gluten free!

  3. You see. You don’t NEED three other friends to buy boxes. You just need to have a rice krispies treats cereal brunch. Which… yes, goes against your new throwing big people dinner parties motto, but if it’s in the name of good food, how can you argue it?

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