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As I look back on this, my and Mr. Geek’s one-year wedding anniversary, I realize how much of what I am now is because of him. Before I met him (now almost 8 years ago), I had never played Dungeons and Dragons. I thought Apples to Apples was the pinnacle of board games. I had missed out on tons of awesomely geeky movies and tv shows. Mr. Geek showed me that these activities didn’t have a stigma, wouldn’t go over my head, and weren’t for boys only. I was a geek before I met him, but he turned me into the one I am today. His love and support has made me a better person, introduced me to tons of awesome things, and made my life ridiculously awesome on a regular basis.

My mom told me when I was very young to “marry a nerd.” She knew that they were often more romantic, interesting, and smart than the non-nerdy variety. I learned that marrying, dating, or befriending nerds results in them bringing out some nerd/geek in you. We geeks have such passion for our interests, it’s only natural we share. Whether or not our friends and loved ones take on our same interests doesn’t matter, we show them that it’s ok to be passionate and excited about things you love. It’s ok to try new things. And it’s ok to wait until midnight dressed up with your friends for the newest movie, book, game, or tickets for the things you love.

Geeks understand passion, positivity, and the idea that sharing and learning on a daily basis is what will make this world so great. I hope you all have or find some geeks to share your passions with.

With that, I’ll share my wedding recap posts from last year.

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Give a geek in your life a giant hug today! I’ll be playing board games and sipping champagne with mine.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I just have to tell you how much I LOVE this post! It almost sounds like I could have written it (though not so eloquently!). I married a much nerdier guy than I and I’ve totally have seen (Buffy), read (The Vorkosigan Saga), and done (Magic: The Gathering) things I would not have done without him.

    I just love this, “Geeks understand passion, positivity, and the idea that sharing and learning on a daily basis is what will make this world so great.”

  2. What a beautiful and sweet posting you wrote Ms. T. Happy Anniversary
    to you two Crazy Geeky Kids!! Wishing you smooth sailing into your second year.

  3. Very Sweet!

  4. Rebecca, Thank you! Isn’t geek love the best?

    And thank you, MIL and Dad! We’re blessed to have so much love and support from both families.

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