PAX Crafter Round-Up


I had the pleasure of being on the “For the Love of Crafting II: The Wrath of Yarn” panel at PAX last night, and I had a fantastic time. The panel consists of the panelists talking quickly about themselves and their current projects, and then turned into a giant Q&A and Show & Tell time for the audience. I learned about new techniques and strategies and new types of crafting I didn’t even know existed! The panel is essentially like a giant crafting meetup with 5 panelists.

During the panel, we encouraged people to share a link to their store/site/photos/etc. so we could all check out everyone’s projects. Without further ado, here is that list! (Not on the list? Leave a comment with your link!)


Tally Heilke: Cute plushies and more at Tally’s Treasury

Tara Theoharis: Geeky food and parties at The Geeky Hostess

Meris Mullaley: Cosplay and sewing at Fabric Alchemist

AnnaTheRed: Geeky Bento boxes and plushies at Anna The Red

Daniel Brattland: Dice creations at Roller’s Regalia

Sarah Mendiola: Videography and Fantastic Knitting at


@Azralorne: Art and craft shop on Etsy

@briannemd: Will have things up on soon!

@CadoganThree: Painting, sculpture, and mixed media at deviantart

@CrochetLunch Sells crochet goods on Etsy

@DarkAngelYoshi: Crafty Crochet at, well, Crafty Crochet

@FeltedFamiliars: sells felted animals real and imaginary on Etsy

@jiannaprefect: Cosplay page on Facebook (She wore the Bjork Chocobo dress!)

@LunarJade: crafter and desert busser at deviantart

@kchristofersen: cross stitches, never anything too traditional or appropriate. Tweet her for commissions!

@LvCherieJewelry: geeky jewelry with elegance, whimsy, and heart at

@monicarysavy: Paper Goods shop on Etsy

@pipedreamdragon: Pipe Cleaner crafter at deviantart

@SheriB626 Crochet it ain’t so! Blog and Etsy

@Tom90deg: Steampunk crafter at deviantart

@Trillianne: Knits and quilts at

@Valeta: Cute Litte Things shop on Etsy

@veggiehearts: Vegan and Fiber artist blog at Veggies Have a Heart



  1. I wish I could’ve made it to this panel again this year! I will definitely be checking out the links. Thanks for those!

  2. This is a fantastic resource and great idea! Thanks for making this list, Tara. Hopefully, everyone can stay in touch and keep the crafting chatter going throughout the year.

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