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Top 10 Parties for PAX Prime 2015

When I’m not making recipe and putting sprinkles on everything, I’m running the @paxparties twitter handle. I keep everyone at PAX informed of the hot parties happening each night, and this year there are more than ever! Not sure which ones to head to? These are my top 10 choices […]

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Tara’s at PAX Prime!

PAX Prime begins tomorrow, and I’m already tired! I’ll be working the whole time, but luckily that means that you’ll always know exactly where to find me! On Friday, Sunday, and Monday, you’ll be able to find me in the Cards Against Humanity space at the ACT Theatre (connected to […]

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PAX Crafter Round-Up

I had the pleasure of being on the “For the Love of Crafting II: The Wrath of Yarn” panel at PAX last night, and I had a fantastic time. The panel consists of the panelists talking quickly about themselves and their current projects, and then turned into a giant Q&A […]


Tara’s at PAX!

PAX is almost here! I should be excited, but I’m really just exhausted. Constant cons and traveling and Job Hunters and other fun things has left me looking forward to a weekend with nothing going on. But still–PAX is here, and even if I’m tired, I’m still gonna make the […]

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Tara’s at PAX East!

I’ve made the trek over to snowy Boston where I’ll be visiting with my brother and checking out the newest in gaming at PAX East! At PAX? You can find me at the following events: Blending Games and Life Panel – Saturday, 10:30am PAX After Hours with Scott and Kris […]


Tara’s at PAX!

It’s the first day of PAX Prime 2012, and I’m so excited! In addition to finding me roaming the expo hall, you can see me at the following places: PAX “Improv Initiative” Show I’ll be doing improv with an amazing group of guys (seriously, who let me in?) tonight (Friday) […]


Where To Eat While at PAX

PAX is upon us. Geeks and Gamers will be taking over downtown Seattle for the weekend, and I could not be more thrilled. If you’re attending, there will be times that you’ll want to grab something to eat, and you may have no idea where to go. Cheesecake Factory and […]