Plan Your Wedding with Google

I’m obsessed with Google and their docs. I use them for EVERYTHING. I’ll make a date with my fiance and send him a Google calendar invite. So I’m pretty excited that Google now has a Wedding section.

You can create a wedding website, keep track of your budget and plans, and edit and share photos with Google. I’m super excited about their All-in-One Planner, which will make it easy for me to have all of my information in one, sharable place. Now if only Google can help us narrow down the vendor choices!

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  1. Google actually has these Google Docs templates for a long time — they are pretty helpful, however, it’s still online spreadsheets and shared docs.

    A shameless plug, my product is I set out to build a better tool for wedding planning and to help couples save time. Not only Marrily lets you track your guests, expenses, vendors, todos/appointments, you can also print out your guests list or the seating arrangement. Sharing is also built-in so you can invite your friends of family members, but limit which sections they can see (e.g. mom can’t see expenses but she can manage the guests list.)

    I’m a single founder so I’m 100% committed to the site so you can get live support if you run into issues. It’d be a much bigger challenge to get a hold of someone at Google…



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