Geek Beauty: Scented Nail Polish

The past year or so, nail polish has taken over as my main beauty obsession. It’s cheap, easy to change, and gives you a chance to try a new color or fashion trend without buying a new outfit. My most recent love: scented nail polish. I used to have some back in junior high, but haven’t seen it around since. It makes my hands look and smell good, and helps me realize when I’m resting my face on my hands (which is a not-so-good habit of mine).

Here are some of my fave scented nail polishes:

Betsey Johnson Nail Colour

This polish is the perfect shade of bright pink and is scented with  Betsey Johnson’s “Too Too” perfume. You won’t even need to wear perfume of your own with this on!
$9.50 at

 Urban Outfitter’s Perfumed Nail Polish

I currently have the mint greenish color on my hands and it smells like bubblegum. I feel like a fashionable little kid holding bubblegum ice cream! The other scents are: cherry pie, vanilla shake, and raspberry lemonade. This collection is the perfect way to try new colors while constantly wanting to eat your hands.
$14 at (although I found my pack on sale for $4.99 at an Urban Outfitters store) also has a variety of scented nail polishes available–I  haven’t tried the ones listed, but you can’t go wrong with primary colors and candy scents!

Have you tried scented polish? What do you think?

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  1. Looking for metallic polish

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