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Custom Named Nail Polish

I have a problem. Well, a couple of problems. The first is that I have a slight nail polish addiction. My collection has grown larger than my lip gloss collection (and that’s saying something). I even have a collection of the vegan line of nail polishes. If you are interested […]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: September 20

This week has been book-ended with weddings, which means love is all around! I’m such a sucker for weddings. There’s a romantic story with a happy ending, dancing, cake, and a themed party. I can’t get enough. While I pack my waterproof mascara and fancy dresses, check out some of […]

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Galaxy-Inspired Nails by Julep

Julep, my favorite Seattle-based nail company, sent out an email about a new galaxy-inspired color yesterday called Estelle. (Why Estelle? I have no idea. EDIT: Apparently “Estelle” is a French name meaning “Star.” Thanks Wendy!) The color is black with holographic sparkles, and looks like the perfect mix of edgy, […]

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Contest: Julep Maven

Before we go further with this post, there are two things you should know: 1. I love nail polish. It’s the best accessory to an outfit, it’s easy to change, it lasts a while if you want it to, and it’s not too expensive. I feel way more awesome when […]

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Geek Beauty: Scented Nail Polish

The past year or so, nail polish has taken over as my main beauty obsession. It’s cheap, easy to change, and gives you a chance to try a new color or fashion trend without buying a new outfit. My most recent love: scented nail polish. I used to have some […]

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Geek Beauty: Hunger Games Nail Polish

Colors, from top to bottom: Smoke and Ashes, Agro, Fast Track, Luxe and Lush. I’ve mentioned the Hunger Games nail polish back when it was first announced, but I had theĀ privilegeĀ of trying some of the colors a couple days ago. I have to say, I’m very impressed. The initial ads […]

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OPI Spider-man Collection

OPI has announced a Spider-man collection to be released in May. You’ll have plenty of time to grab your favorite colors and perfect your manicure for the movie’s release on July 3! I, as well as almost every nail polish and fashion blog, am obsessed with “Just Spotted the Lizard.” […]

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Perfect Polish with Liquid Palisade

Time for a bit of geek beauty. I love painting my nails, but I am AWFUL at it. Seriously. Painting nails, miniatures, or anything else deserving of a bit of care and precision is not my forte. But Liquid Palisade may be able to help. It allows you to paint […]

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Magnetic Nail Polish

When InStyle Magazine and Geekologie both talk about the same thing, you know it’s prime material for The Geeky Hostess. So I present to you: Magnetic Nail Polish. The polish is created by London line “nails inc.” and is available in the states through Sephora. You can purchase their chrome […]