Shoe Bakery – Shoes Inspired by Ice Cream and Cake


When baking, I often spend a lot of time decorating the goodies, and don’t end up leaving enough time to decorate myself. Many parties and weddings have had me running around minutes before everything began, trying to throw on something not covered in flour and icing. But with ShoeBakery, I don’t need to worry about that. I can wear some AMAZING shoes to match my baked goods, and all eyes will be on my feet. More of an ice cream-lover? They’ve got you covered as well. I think the ice cream flats would be my go-to summer shoe.

Ice Cream Heels

I love their heels and wedges for fancy-yet-fun occasions, and I NEED the Pink Sprinkle Flats in my life for when I take my Geeky Sprinkles to conventions and trade shows.

See them all at Would you wear cake and ice cream inspired shoes? And which one are you craving the most?

Hat Tip: CakeSpy


  1. I love these shoes! I would wear them all the time if I could! I am a huge fan of all things sugar and sweet without all the calories, lol.

  2. wow these are so cute!! they look yummy too haha


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