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DIY Push-Up Pops

Remember Push-Up Pops? Now remember the “Pebble” Push-Up Pops with nerds inside? I grew up on these things. It wasn’t summer if these weren’t in the freezer. I started getting a hankering for them over the last couple weeks, and realized how ridiculously easy it would be to make them […]


Recipe: Sundae Cone Cupcakes

For the 4th of July I wanted to give the old “cupcake in a cake cone” recipe a try, but make it as authentically ice-creamy as possible. These hit the mark. Biting into it is a bit weird, because it tastes exactly like a Drumstick cone, but warm and cakey. […]

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Ben and Jerry’s Lock

There are certain days when I just need a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked frozen yogurt. Mr. Geek knows I mean business when I sit down with the pint and a spoon–I won’t be sharing. So when those days come where I don’t finish a pint in one sitting, […]

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Dippin Dots Maker

I love Dippin Dots. It’s ice cream that makes you feel like an astronaut while eating it. ¬†How can you get any cooler? This Dippin Dots maker will allow you to make your own at home, instead of tracking down a lone kiosk in an abandoned mall. I am confused […]


Cooking Comically

Feeling a bit uninspired on what to make for dinner tonight? Then you’ll love Cooking Comically. The recipes look tasty, the artwork/directions are a lot of fun, and I think I could even get the husband to cook with me. Check out their recipe for The Bananarama, and then visit […]

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Creamsicle Cocktail

Hoping to look a little more like C-3PO and a little less like R2-D2 this summer? Then enjoy a low-calorie cocktail in place of those creamsicles you loved as a kid. Ingredients: 1 part Orange Vodka 2 parts Whipped Cream Vodka 1.5 cups Orange Mango Cascade Ice 2 Calorie Water […]

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Patience is a Virtue

I’ve recently begun learning how to make ice cream. The biggest things I’ve learned? Be patient and follow directions. Now, this is hard for a lot of us geeks. We want to throw out instructions and recipes and say “we know a better way!” However, I’ve learned it might be […]

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Cooking For Geeks

Normal cooking too boring for you? Cooking For Geeks may be just the thing. The book infuses even more science than normal, and is perfect for someone who thinks “regular” cooking is for sissies. Take a look at their cute instructional video on making ice cream in 30 seconds: Now […]