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Hello Kitty Microwave

I’m pretty sure Mr. Geek would never allow this in our house, but if I was still in college, I’d be all about this for my dorm room. Hello Kitty microwave, $81.84 at Amazon.com (Source: Geek Alerts)

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Hello Kitty Bikinis (For Grown-ups!)

Summer makes me think of my childhood spent near the neighborhood pool–not a care in the world other than getting home in time for dinner and bringing money for candy at the pool shop. These bikinis bring me back to that time. They’re cute on their own, but the Hello Kitty […]

Geeky Fashion

Hello Kitty Shoes for Grown-Ups

Every once in a while, I’ll see a little girl with amazing Hello Kitty shoes on and think, “How come they don’t make those in an adult size 9?” Twenty10 Footwear apparently heard my cries and are now selling some amazing Hello Kitty shoes on Fab.com. The shoes range in […]

Geeky Fashion

Hello Kitty Clutch

I’ve recently become obsessed with Pinterest. Like many other bloggers, I love relaxing at the end of the day by browsing other people’s pics and adding things to my own boards. One item I’ve added was this Hello Kitty Clutch, and it’s received 13 repins so far (repins = people […]

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Wonder Woman Joins Forces With MAC

After partnerships with the likes of Barbie and Hello Kitty, MAC decided to use their powers for good, and team up with Wonder Woman. Expect lots of powerful colors and great packaging hitting stores February 10th. (In perfect time for Valentine’s Day… I’d much prefer this to flowers!) More pictures […]