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Fun Food

Mario-themed “1-Upcake” Molds

When your cupcakes just need a bit more geekiness to them, I present: 1-upcakes. The pack of four reusable cupcake molds will give you cupcakes that look just like Mario’s 1-up mushroom friends. How can you resist? 1-upcake Cupcake Mold, $9.95 for a pack of four at Neatoshop.com.

Geeky Kids

Wolverine Claws. For Children.

Never thought giant claws protuding from a hand would elicit an “aww”? Then you’ve never seen these. At $12.95, you have no reason not to dress your children up in these soft claws and make them fight—I mean play pretend. Wolverine Soft Claws, one-size-fits-most-children. $12.95 at Neatoshop.  

Fun Food

Fortune-Telling Cupcake Wrappers

These gorgeous cupcake wrappers/toppers include a sweet fortune for each of your guests. I think these would make the perfect addition for a bridal or baby shower or tea party, and it’s way more unique than your average cupcake wrapper/topper! Cupcake Fortunes and Wraps, $9.95 at Neatoshop.

A Geeky Home

WTF Pillow

Is your home decor a bit more eclectic? This “WTF” pillow will fit right in. It’s part comic, part internet-inspired, and will be the perfect statement pillow for your couch or bed. The pillow’s available for $39.95 at NeatoShop.com.

Geeky Fashion

“Ladies Night” Wallet

Lately I’ve been trying to pare down my need for a gigantic purse and go for smaller clutches instead. This “Ladies Night” hinge wallet would ensure I always left the house with something tiny. It’s the perfect size to store a few things when grabbing happy hour with my friends, […]

Geeky Fashion

Hello Kitty Clutch

I’ve recently become obsessed with Pinterest. Like many other bloggers, I love relaxing at the end of the day by browsing other people’s pics and adding things to my own boards. One item I’ve added was this Hello Kitty Clutch, and it’s received 13 repins so far (repins = people […]