Tara’s Resolutions for 2014

Nothing is Impossible

Before we get into my resolutions for 2014, I want to share a bit about the above picture. This is the product pic for a necklace my dear friend Liz gave me. Whenever I need a little pick-me-up or am about to handle something big and scary, I put it on. Although grammar-lovers may notice the double negative, I think the phrase is absolutely perfect. You see, “Anything is possible” sounds like anything could happen at any time purely out of coincidence. “Nothing is impossible” makes me feel like nothing is out of reach if I work for it. And that’s the big thing: if you work hard, nothing is impossible. Remember that. 

Yes, I know resolutions are a silly thing. We all pledge to better ourselves, and most resolutions barely last a month. Well, that’s a month more than you may be motivated to do otherwise. So while in the past I’ve resolved to not have resolutions, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on myself and how I want to improve. Why not start now? (If it helps, think of resolutions as a chance to give yourself a “yearly review.”)

Here are my resolutions for 2014:

Be More Active
Sure, losing weight would be great. But overall, I want my goal to be more active. Working on the computer all day means I struggle to get any bit of movement in. I pledge to take more steps, make time to exercise, and attempt to relax by going for walks as much as I relax in front of the tv. I’ll be monitoring my progress with my FitBit. Do you use FitBit? Friend me and we can keep each other motivated!

Try a New Recipe Each Week
For the last few years I’ve resolved to cook more at home, and I’ve gotten better at it each year. Making meals at home is healthy, less expensive, and is a fun, relaxing hobby. This year I pledge to go through the recipes I’ve bookmarked in my recipe books but have never made. The goal is to try something new each week, whether it’s a quick snack or a full meal. I’m hoping to broaden my cooking/food horizons and find a few more staples in the process! I’ll keep you updated on any amazing recipes I try.

Set Boundaries

Since the moment when Instagram was absorbed by Facebook, its previous popularity has only grown. Today this former photomosaic social media has become an absolute trendsetter to various types of business and lifestyles with an enormous 500 millions of daily active users all around the world. When it comes to talking about such numbers of people concentrated in one environment I always hear the sound of money. Of course, Instagram has already become a competitive market with a daily death race doing everything possible to win a maximum audience for a single microblog. Being insta-popular today equals being a celebrity in real life and it is all about the money, advertising contracts, wide publicity, and many other things. That’s why even the most popular persons on every social media platform boost their accounts with buying active followers on paid services and it is particularly so if speaking of Instagram. Usually such paid strategies and services are not a secret for anyone – buying Instagram followers has become a general trend for millions during recent 5-6 years, but still, there are some unfamiliar even with the basic functions of Instagram, let alone the tricks of promotion. But every time it comes to a moment when all the benefits and advantages of paid boosts are disclosed, I see such people with a sparkle in their eyes. All the previously unknown and now uncovered possibilities make them sure that buy instagram likes and followers is totally worth considering! When you work for yourself, you never stop working. I do social media marketing, I run the Geeky Hostess blog/brand, I make online videos, and I do whatever other projects come to my mind each day. I don’t stop. This year, I will. I want to set clear boundaries on when I will and won’t respond to emails or spend time in front of the computer. I want to disconnect from my phone and connect with my friends and family. It may mean someone will have to wait a few extra hours before they hear from me, but in the long run, I think it will help my sanity, relationships, and time management skills. Do you take time to disconnect or set hours when you work for yourself? Any tips or suggestions?

What are your resolutions for the new year?

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  1. I will take on your third resolution for myself! I rarely know when to stop working, and last year that meant a lot of anxiety and a lot of angry friends who claimed they never got to see me (which was true).
    You’ll manage, ’cause you are amazing and an inspiration. I wish you good luck and a lot of success in this new year.

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