Guest Post: When a Themed Wedding Just Doesn’t Work

My friend Margaret (of Nimble Narwhal Creations) has been keeping me up to date on wedding trends as she plans for hers. I asked her to do a guest post on a trend we’ve both been observing lately: themes that perhaps shouldn’t be tied in with a wedding.

One of the nice perks about planning your own wedding for blog nerds like me is filling up your feed with tons of ideas. Inspiration shoots often choose a movie as their theme, and often times it’s really cool to see what they come up with. Recently, I’m sure due to the popularity of the books and upcoming movie release, there have been several shoots done using The Hunger Games. Now, this seems like an awfully odd choice to me. Maybe it’s just my personal taste, but I don’t plan on incorporating things into our wedding that remind me of children killing each other, the harsh realities of poverty and the scary warning of what our reality-tv obsessed society could become.

A recent wedding blog post “wanted to channel their enthusiasm for the movie into a wedding shoot that would inspire brides who want a gloomy, yet pretty edge to their wedding.” I’m sorry but who are these brides? If you’re planning on bringing some gloom to your wedding…might I suggest some premarital counseling? I’m pretty sure my guests want a good meal, not bloodsports.

But hey, maybe there are some of you out there saying no way, this theme is awesome. So I’ve come up with some truly inspired Hunger Games elements to incorporate into your special day.

  • The Reaping: put your closest friends’ names in a hat. Whoever is drawn must then pay for the dress you select, making sure it is flammable. Bonus points if you make them wax their entire body.
  • Dress: should reflect only the most cutting edge style and be better suited for an art installation than an outfit. Shoes of no less than 8” high are a must. Add some sparkle with various anti-political buttons and stickers.
  • Cornucopia: After your nuptials, guests will be released to the dining area. Watch out for booby-trapped place settings and flying knives. Only those who are able to make it to the main table will be served.
  • Presents: will be dropped from the ceiling with silver parachutes whenever the bride & groom act lovingly towards one another.
  • Dessert: of course, is a nightlock berry tart.

What do you think? Would you incorporate elements of The Hunger Games into your wedding? What’s the weirdest wedding theme you’ve heard of?

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  1. I love this! I would pay good money to see wedding guests fighting their way up to the main table!! Yikes! I can just picture the bloodbath!! 🙂

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