Halloween Photo Shoot: “Sexy” Goldfish

Sheesh. Over 41 of you voted for me to become a “Sexy Goldfish” this year, and because I love you, I did it. This costume is a beast. Every single part of it sparkles, even the eyes. It’s a leotard-meets-hoody so it’ll show off a lot of leg, and keep you warm with the foam insulated hood. And it’s not meant for anyone over 5’5″. Seriously. I needed help getting it on and off because the torso was about half the length of mine. If you’re petite, though, this costume will probably look freakin’ adorable. Want to give it a try? You can find the goldfish costume and more Halloween costumes at Yandy.com!

A huge thanks to Liz Leo, who takes these photos of me every year. She’s got a great eye, and can always make me look pretty and serious, even in the silliest costumes! Without further ado, your winner of “Weirdest Sexy Halloween Costumes 2016”:





Psst. I’ve got a secret for you. Another costume got a lot of positive attention, even though it wasn’t the winner, and I did a shoot for that one as well. You’ll see those pics tomorrow morning. Wanna know what it is? You’ll have to wait for it…


  1. This has made my entire life. Thank you Tara for actually doing this, and more importantly the 41 people who helped make this happen. #goldfish4life

  2. I’m willing to wait for it.

  3. Bahaha…this is gold. Pun intended.

  4. Goldfish eating goldfish! Brilliant! Thank-you for the things you do to make us happy!

  5. Very good look for you.

  6. Hope you didn’t get caught in those…fishnets.

  7. I didn’t want to laugh. I mean, no mom wants to see her daughter like…this. We were kind to goldfish. We gave them funerals and eulogies. There was singing of hymns. Okay, it was you, so we probably sang “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, but to 5 year old Tara dressed up in her mermaid costume, it was as solemn as any hymn could ever be. So, to see you dressed as a sexy goldfish wasn’t was easy for this mom. But then you posed by the toilet. And eating goldfish crackers. How could I not laugh? It’s my new favorite. Sorry, Sebastian. Yep, that was the name of one of the fallen goldfish from your childhood. Goldie was the other. It wasn’t original, but what do you expect from a child who named her brown teddy bear “Brown Teddy.” You grew into your creativity later in life. This costume was awesome. Now go put on some clothes.

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