It’s the first full day of SDCC, so I broke out the big guns: The TARDIS dress. It keeps me cool in the expo hall and the shorts I wear underneath mean I don’t need to worry about the dress riding up! Thanks to my roommate Rachael for taking the pics before a panel began!

TARDIS Dress: Black Milk
Bow earrings (I hear bow ties are cool now): Hello Kitty (they’re made of the same stuff as mood rings!)
TARDIS Necklace: Clockwork Couture Kickstarter incentive




  1. Very pretty! And practical, too!

    I expect no less from you, though. Nice work! 🙂

  2. Wow, stunning! I knew there was a reason the Doctor called the TARDIS Sexy…

    I love everything at Clockwork Couture. I need a reason for some Steampunk attire…

  3. Thanks, guys! And yes–I don’t have any actual steampunk attire yet, but I want it ALL.

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