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“Sexy” Halloween Costumes 2012

Every year, I have a good ol’ time putting together a list of my favorite “sexy” Halloween costumes that are available to purchase. The past two years, Buy Costumes has been awesome enough to help me up the ante: I post the most ridiculous “sexy” costumes, you all vote on […]

Geeky Fashion

Sexy Comic Dress

Black Milk has created another amazingly geeky dress–this one based on the 1940s comic “Woman in Red.” I’d wear this out on dates and to comic-con parties. Throw on some leggings and a sweater over it and you can wear it on a chilly day. I’m in love! Woman in […]


“Sexy Hotness” Sleeping Bags

Looking for a practical and (dare I say it?) sexy sleeping bag for your next camping trip? The “Sexy Hotness” sleeping bag has zippers along the side that allow you to connect to other sleeping bags for a warm and cozy night. When you aren’t sleeping, your sleeping bag on […]

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My Resolutions for 2017

2016 has been a busy year over here. I launched a line of natural sprinkles and sugars, had recipes show up in Board Game Bento’s subscription box, did double duty as a sexy goldfish AND sexy Alexander Hamilton, and could even be found hosting Dungeons and Dragons’ and Desert Bus […]

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Geeky “Ugly” Holiday Sweaters

December is here, which means the ugly sweater parties are just around the corner. Just because you’re forced to wear a bright and “tacky” sweater doesn’t mean you can’t show off your geeky side!┬áBreak the ice and show off your fandom with these geeky sweaters. I’m guessing you’ll want to […]

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Style Icon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We all take style ideas from celebrities and characters in shows, whether we’re aware of it or not. An entire generation has had the “Rachel” cut, Mad Men collaborates with stores to create clothing inspired by the show, and we all cosplay characters at cons. On that note, I wanted […]

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Portal Room

Lauren created a fantastic room themed around Portal. I’m loving the mirrors, the detailing/shading on the walls, and all of the artwork. She took plenty of pictures and recorded everything she did (and everything she bought) to make the room, and put it all on a blog titled “The Portal […]