The Only Convention Hoodie You’ll Ever Need

Nerdist Convention Hoodie

Just in time for SDCC, Her Universe and Nerdist teamed up to create the ULTIMATE hoodie. It’s made to be a convention hoodie (with pockets for poster tubes, comic books, water bottles, and more), but looks like it would come in handy on a daily basis. I can see wearing this to street festivals, while traveling, while running events…I’d basically never take it off.

I’m even more psyched to see that the hoodie comes in men’s and women’s sizes, which means I can still have it fit and look cute. The hoodie is available at the Her Universe booth (2913-E) at SDCC, and should be available online after the con.

Will you be picking one of these up? What features would you include in an ultimate convention hoodie? (I wouldn’t mind a mini flashlight on the drawstring for when you’re walking home after parties, and maybe a special “protein bar and ibuprofen” pocket for the early mornings….)


  1. I love the idea, but convention floors are always so warm that I wouldn’t want to wear a hoodie.

  2. Ha, yeah, SDCC was quite warm so most folks weren’t wearing the hoodies on the floor. But I know a lot of Fall/Winter/Spring cons (I’m thinking PAX East, ECCC, etc.) where a hoodie would be pretty handy.

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