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Doctor Who Home Goods

Doctor Who is coming back on Saturday, so clearly the return is the perfect excuse to re-do your kitchen. (Or am I the only one to think that way?) Here are some of my fave pieces from the BBC Who Home Collection: Teapot Dalek Orange: It may not say “WOULD YOU […]

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Giveaway: TARDIS Robe!

Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m still a bit tired from the time traveling we did over the weekend. If one hour wears me out, I can’t believe what a trip in the TARDIS would do to me! Talk about jet lag. All I want to do is […]

A Geeky Home

Stock Up on Mugs with ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek is having a “Hoth Winter Sale” featuring many of their warmest, coziest items. In addition to things I’d highly recommend like a heated blanket and an electric kettle, they’ve got a great selection of mugs starting at $3.49 each. Replace your old, cracked mugs with something a bit cooler or […]

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Vintage Altered Teacups

Surprise your sweetie with some vintage altered teacups from Etsy shop Geekdetails. The ones featured above would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or wedding present, but the shop has cups that work for multiple occasions. Relax with an episode of Doctor Who and the Don’t Blink or Timelord cups, […]

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It’s Christmas Day, which means it’s also time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special! I’ll be cozying up with my brand new TARDIS pillow to watch the show, but if you have grander plans, you may want to try this TARDIS makeup: Merry Christmas, everyone! May all your wishes come […]

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Doctor Who Cookbook

  You thought you were a Doctor Who fan? Check out Chris-Rachael Oseland. Her unauthorized Doctor Who cookbook, “Dining With The Doctor,” has a different recipe based on each episode of the first six seasons of the reboot (starting in 2005). The recipes vary from a cocktail served in an […]

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Doctor Who Knee Socks

Show your love of the Doctor with these bright and cozy socks. I’m personally a fan of the TARDIS design myself–it would go perfectly with my TARDIS dress from BlackMilk! Here’s hoping they make a Silence design next. When people look away from you, they’ll think you’re wearing nothing at […]

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Urban Decay: Geekier Than I Thought

I was browsing the homepage of Urban Decay yesterday and noticed a few choice phrases being used: The big question is: Is Urban Decay trying to appeal to the geeky demographic? Do they employ a copywriter that is sneaking in geeky phrases to the delight of people like us? or […]



Kristina and Tom showed that their love lasts over space and time by incorporating Doctor Who elements to their wedding–most importantly, this ridiculously cool TARDIS arch. It’s the perfect amount of geek while still feeling like a more traditional wedding. Take a look at all the pics from their wedding […]


Doctor Who Wedding Cake Topper

This image has been floating around Tumblr and nerd blogs. Much like Doctor Who himself, I have no clue how to find it. If you know, leave a link in the comments! Everyone needs a Doctor Who cake topper/table decoration.